www.nlr.nlgeoportal for aerial photography and satellite imagery of the Netherlands

Geospatial Data Service Centre



General information on earth observation and about the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.

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Geospatial data services in the Netherlands (with satellite imagery and aerial photo-graphy), and information on how to use them.

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Geographic software tools, free to download. For instance: a WMS viewer, a CSW server and a CSW client, a time series analysis program.


With the Geospatial Data Service Centre (GDSC), the Dutch Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR together with companies from the Geomatics Business Park create an access point to aerial photography and satellite imagery (and derived products) of the Netherlands.

Three image sets covering the Netherlands are available on this site:

Aster satellite image (15m resolution)

ASTER satellite image
15m resolution

Aerodata aerial photography (1m resolution)

Aerodata aerial photography
1m resolution

DKLN aerial photography (1m resolution)

DKLN aerial photography
1m resolution

Harmonic Analysis of Time Series

The HANTS (Harmonic ANalysis of Time Series) algorithm accomplishes two tasks: 1) Screening and removal of cloud contamined observations; 2) Temporal interpolation of the remaining observations to reconstruct gapless images at a prescribed time.

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eXcat CSW server and clients

eXcat is a Java CSW server and CSW clients program. The server is based on eXist, an open-source XML database, and it's easy to use! Store metadata and make it searchable using CSW standards. Beside the server, three CSW clients are available.

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satellite database

Have a look at the satellite database with an overview of the status and capabilities of former, current and future earth observation satellites.

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BeeldBlad: free WMS client

BeeldBlad is an WMS client to be used on web pages. BeeldBlad is written in Adobe Flash and can therefore be used by all kind of browsers. It can be downloaded free of charge, so you can use it in your web mapping application.

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